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Digital Solutions

We run two online Linux-based servers at our T-A-S office, and a third off-site Linux server. All servers are synchronised each night for complete data security.

Hardware download solution
Windows software solution

Data storage is free of charge. This applies to customers using our analysis, and data will be archived for two years for work time requirements. Digital data can be downloaded from our website after a secure login.

No setup or administration. We do not charge setup or administration fees.
Digital Analysis will charged on a per ‘chart basis’ or more accurately ‘data base entry’.

Hardware download solution
This solution will provide you with the means to download the Driver Card and automatically forward the data to our secure server via an Internet connection. No operator intervention is required; the driver just inserts the card into the reader. This equipment is ‘stand alone’ and does not require the presence of a computer, monitor or keyboard. This is an ideal solution for unmanned outbases.

Windows software solution
This is functionally the same as the hardware solution; this system will send the data to our server as before, but also can Email the digital files to a pre determined recipient.
This system does require a host computer with Internet access, little operator intervention is required as the software is driven by the insertion of the smart card into the reader, and the server upload is automatic.

Both systems enable instant downloading and archiving of smart card data to satisfy all legal obligations imposed upon the Operator.
We will be able to merge data from the digital tachograph with data obtained from our analysis of your tachograph charts, ensuring a complete analysis of drivers hours and work time.

Both of our systems download the card data in the required format with digital signatures. This data is transferred to our server using FTP, and for security, is moved out of the FTP domain on arrival to a secure customers archive folder. Transfer to the server requires a customer-name login, depot-name and password to be authenticated; this authentication is automated by both download solutions.

Downloading of the Vehicle Unit (accomplished via a Download Key and Company Card) will be the responsibility of the Operator. This additional information can then be transmitted to us using either download system.

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