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Tachograph Image Processing

Panasonic ScannerThis system has been developed by TAS and uses the industry standard and highly regarded Panasonic scanner. This scanner will scan up to 24 charts per minute and produces front and rear high quality colour images.

Chart Scanning
Tachograph charts scanned on customers premises are automatically and securely transmitted to TAS servers using the TAS digital download system together with any digital files downloaded.

Tachograph charts can be scanned on a daily basis at end of shift, and charts retained by the driver for the statutory period, with the associated increase in efficient and compliance. Analogue tachograph analysis being performed on the image ensures up-to-date analysis in line with digital data, thus helping you to avoid historical major offences and reduce the risk of ministry penalties.

Chart Analysis
Analysis is performed using our image-processing suite, which is highly accurate and with image analysis of up to four times magnification enables the analyst to detect the smallest of chart offences.

Analysis performed by the image analysis suite is imported into our Matrix analysis system and seamlessly combined with any digital download data for validation and then hour's law and working time directive report generation.

Data storage is free of charge. This applies to customers using our analysis, and data will be archived for two years for work time requirements.

No setup or administration. We do not charge setup or administration fees. Analysis is charged on a per ‘chart basis’ or more accurately ‘data base entry’.


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